FX House Associates Movie Props and Costumes

Please be patient as we try to keep this updated.  More photo pages to come. 

Hope you enjoy this sample of the work in various productions throughout the area.


Two Police Officers on Movie Set - FXHA Vietnam 1969 - FXHA

Extras outfitted as generic Police officers from the motion picture Graves End (2005 release).


Uniform is our standard generic police officer - Midnight navy blue shirt and pants, 7

 point star badge, whistle with chain, generic shoulder patch and black basketweave

duty belt.  The Duty belt has magazine pouch, key holder, Mace holder, radio

holder with radio and microphone, handcuffs with cuff case, along with duty sidearm

and holster.  The Actor on the left (pointing nightstick at camera) Matthew Shuster

and on the right is Scott Hilquist.



Actors dressed as American Soldiers in Viet Nam (circa 1969) for the student film Once Again.


Kneeling Soldier wears early model Flak Vest, M1956 Web gear, Green Army Issue towel and he wears various items (C-Ration matches/First Aid Bandage in wrapper) in his helmet band.    Prop Weapons:  He holds the earliest model of the M16 used in the war, the men behind him hold M79 40mm Grenade Launcher and an XM-177E2 rifle.  They all wear a mix of M26 and M67 Fragmentation Grenades.  They also have Claymores in the slung bags and M72-A1 LAW Rockets.  The slings are early OD Green nylon.   And the man on the right has M16 ammo bandoleers.




Extras outfitted as a SEAL style tactical  team on an industrial video for Moose Boats, Inc - the manufacturer of light tactical boats for Law Enforcement and Military applications.  The "commandos" storm the land as these boats can run directly up onto the land and pull out and drive away in seconds.  The footage was also used on the History Channel show - Tactical to Practical (2004).



Standard Woodland Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) with Woodland Boonie hats, standard LCE gear.  Weapons from left to right - Colt M4 carbine, M16 with M203 grenade launcher, M60 Machine Gun on mount, Colt M4 Carbine

Extras outfitted as a Police SWAT team on the set of the motion picture Graves End (2005 release).  The actors take a break from the filming and pose in front one of the picture cars for the movie.  Uniforms and weapons provided by FX House Associates (all except for the plain clothes FBI guy at far right).



Navy Blue BDU uniform (like LAPD SWAT) with Blackhawk tactical vests, black kevlar helmets, black gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, drop holster and drop spare ammo pouch.  Weapons from left to right - H&K MP5 with Tactical light, Remington PSS-700 in .300 Winchester Magnum, Benelli M3 shotgun, Colt M4 Carbine, H&K SG1 rifle.



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